Energy Saving Solutions is an upstanding company that offers a legitimate opportunity to those that actually choose the work it. I made over $240,000 in my first year working with Energy Saving Solutions.

Peter Stein is a very smart entrepreneur who has helped me - and from what understand many others with closing sales and achieving success. It is about the easiest business I have ever done. Literally - you introduce customers to zero upfront-cost LED Lighting and your customers actually put money in their pocket ( in some cases thousands of dollars per month) and they have better quality lighting than the old style lighting. Most of my customers save 65% or more from the lighting part of their electric bill.

If you cant make money at this or your a complainer on here - you probably never did any proposals and have nobody to blame but yourself.

This opportunity is a home run.

Location: Miami, Florida

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Agreed - I make a six figure income with Energy Saving Solutions. Peter Stein is extremely helpful and very accessible for a busy CEO.

Energy Saving Solutions ( and in particular - Peter Stein) have helped me close some very big deals. As a distributor you have to just get out there and introduce the zero up front cost LED Lighting product to commercial customers. At least three out of ten proposals I have created end up becoming a customer.

With average commissions of $30,000+ its a great time to be in the LED lighting business.


Is he really the CEO?


Okay Peter!!! Your so full of ***!

If this is real prove it!

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