Peter Stein AKA the CEO of Energy Savings Solutions is a scam artist who places adds on Craigs List in the Sales Employment section in cities all over the USA every day advertising a program that offers Financing and Marketing collateral and "Office Support" in order to engage larger corporations, casinos, ware houses, municipalities, hospitals, retail chains, high rises in "Energy Savings Solutions" "LED Retrofit Programs".

Peter has a team of silver tongued recruiting agents who "promise the world" people who have responded to these false advertisements. The recruiting agents that call the un suspecting prospects pitch them and then inform them that there is a $470.00 investment which will cover the cost for "Back Office training and Support as well as electronic marketing an printed collateral. The printed collateral is promised to be sent in the mail in less then 10 business days. The back office support and training is promised immediately.

I am one of the idiots who believed the pitch and who made the investment. It is now 15 days later and I have no printed marketing collateral. I w as promised a power point presentation, Energy Savings Solutions does not have a Power Point Presentation. I have called and emailed Peter and several of his "associates" and have gotten no support what so ever. In fact I received a very derogatory email from "JAY Johnson" for asking for support. Today I had set a huge appointment with a large retail chain. It was a conference call and "The Director of Engineering" for ESS had to cancel the appointment 10 minutes prior to our meeting. THis is a SCAM to not waste your time or ENERGY you will get burnt! ALL ESS does is collect the $470.00 up front and they do not follow through on any of their promises!

Monetary Loss: $495.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Peter Stein is an upstanding, fine person whom I have known for a long time. Energy Saving Solutions is a great company that is going through some growing pains. These guys are creating great opportunities for sales partners who they work with and doing great things for the environment.


Curios. How much was the initial investment?

$470? or $4700?



I work with ESS and doing very well. To me these are discruntled people who aren't working the program!


I paid the $470, Energy Saving Solutions and Peter Stein is a scam


Even though I have not spent the $470, and can not say this is a scam, I can tell you when I talked to Jay the second time before moving forward, my request was to talk to one or two current salespeople, and get a short list of companies they had installed led lights for. Jay said he would not let me talk to anyone, as the salespeople were too busy, and this would take all their time if they were allowed to speak to potential hires.

After hiring hundreds of salespeople, and NOT charging for the opt. and monthly data base services, I would always let them speak to other salespeople, as they were my best advocates. I would caution anyone not to spend 470.

with any company that will not provide the basic fundamentals for hiring salespeople, especially when charging for the opt. I love the concept, and if anyone has had a good experience with this company, either salesperson, or client, please correct my assessments.

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