Peter Stein AKA the CEO of Energy Savings Solutions is a scam artist who places adds on Craigs List in the Sales Employment section in cities all over the USA every day advertising a program that offers Financing and Marketing collateral and "Office Support" in order to engage larger corporations, casinos, ware houses, municipalities, hospitals, retail chains, high rises in "Energy Savings Solutions" "LED Retrofit Programs".

Peter has a team of silver tongued recruiting agents who "promise the world" people who have responded to these false advertisements. The recruiting agents that call the un suspecting prospects pitch them and then inform them that there is a $470.00 investment which will cover the cost for "Back Office training and Support as well as electronic marketing an printed collateral. The printed collateral is promised to be sent in the mail in less then 10 business days. The back office support and training is promised immediately.

I am one of the idiots who believed the pitch and who made the investment. It is now 15 days later and I have no printed marketing collateral. I w as promised a power point presentation, Energy Savings Solutions does not have a Power Point Presentation. I have called and emailed Peter and several of his "associates" and have gotten no support what so ever. In fact I received a very derogatory email from "JAY Johnson" for asking for support. Today I had set a huge appointment with a large retail chain. It was a conference call and "The Director of Engineering" for ESS had to cancel the appointment 10 minutes prior to our meeting. THis is a SCAM to not waste your time or ENERGY you will get burnt! ALL ESS does is collect the $470.00 up front and they do not follow through on any of their promises!

Monetary Loss: $495.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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SCAM. The warranty is bogus because Stein doesn't pay for it.

He won't pay commissions. SCAM.

That loan scam he has with UGA is loan fraud.


Why would anyone give $$$ up front to get hired as a salesperson ?

Unless you are contracted with an employment agency it makes no sense.

Money up front should be the RED FLAG to make you do your home work. There is no free lunch,do not let your greed swindle you !


This is scam all the way. Go to their site and if you google all of the people on there, they are involved in like 3 different businesses.

If they play such a large role in a huge company, where do they find the time? I mean, Shelby Stone, their director of marketing is a realitor, and a healer. Now, from the spiritual background, healers are supposed to be honest and true, in which case, this lady is not due to her working for this scam artist.

Her picture is the same as the one on the realitors web page that she works for. Ladies and Gents, this has Ponzi written all over it and I just hope that the FBI can get them.


On the presentation 12 min video Peter says he has 35 years business experience, he is 45, is he counting his lemonade stand? Try reaching the Vice President, nothing, the engineer, nothing.

Does he actually exist? They have sold very few lighting deals and the case studies are of companies that yes have converted to LED but NOT with ESS. The current business model and revenue for the company is the boiler room responding to all the people finding them on craigslist and watching the 12 min video. The people then call and hound you to close the deal.

They are not looking to recruit x amount of dealers to grow the lighting sales, they will continue to add dealers as long as someone with pay. Watch out for Isabelle, she won't take no for an answer.


The investment is up to $13k now but includes a demo kit and a lifeyime bulb replacement gurantee. They will finance the purchase through a company called UGA with $5k down.

I would like to speak with a sales person that is selling product. Is anyone out there?


I did sign up with them and it has been very difficult trying to make a sale especially in Maryland. The power companies have advised their customers to use approved vendors with the power companies for their retrofit and light upgrades.

The power companies also provide funding for the project.

.........as a smart consumer, which route do you take?

Your own power company or Energy Saving Solutions........,Though!!

Sam, Distributor for ESS.


Interesting reviews.


This company is simply BADASS!!! The amount of money I have made here is incredible!!

Now my wife and son are working with me and we are hoping to hit 6 FIGURES and it only been 4 months.True sometimes I can't get Peter on the phone but he is the busy owner of a busy booming business and thats to be expected. But when I did get a hold of him, he is a professional well spoken business man that I for one am glad I took the risk.

Its been a lot of hard work but WOW has it ever been worth it.


Anonymous? Making money but lacking cahones?

Man up. Say who you are.


Anonymous from Oak Park, MI

That is awesome that our wife and son are now working with you and are making great money!! Why don't you help out, not only ESS, but also other people looking to participate in this great opportunity?

Yes, there is some investment, but any business has it's investment, yes, there is hard work on the individuals part to get out there and make it happen, BUT if the company cannot backup their claims, has NO dealer references to come forward and be an actual and active reference OR have truly satisfied clients that have ACTUALLY installed the ESS's lights, then the money you claim to make and the opportunity REMAINS under suspicion.

Wishing you continued success, IF you are truly making money and not one of the boiler room "sales" people just trying to put this posting out there for other to THINK they will make "BADASS" money and trying to pressure people to buy into the scheme from the ESS Craigslist ads posted throughout the country.

Consumers beware, become informed, google Press Releases for Energy Saving Solutions Dealers, contact them and see if they are happy and making money. If you do your research you can then make your own informed decision...just be aware and VERY diligent!


Let me just say something right here and now about all these posts. It sounds to me, just like when I started in insurance.

1099 all the way. You had to get your own leads, establish your own marketing plan...and if you wanted help...you took the sales leader to lunch. PERIOD. I really don't get all the crying.

Most of you on here DO NOT belong in a professional sales position. Just saying...you all sound like you were on hourly before or on some sort of salary. You must establish a plan and work your plan. People are not just going to beat down your door.

Prospects must be educated. But I am not here for sales training...that is your own responsibility. but it strikes me...I have seen no complaints from customers at all.

No complaints on the BBB. so what is the problem here?


You've completely missed the point, these posts are about trying to get credible references, not they can't do the job. I'm investigating this opportunity, and trying to confirm what is being promised is all anyone wants.


:grin Thanks for your comments dudes, this guy is still at it! It sounds great until you dig, thanks to you all again for letting others know, I am keeping my money.


Ess is a lie. With any type of multi million dollar company as this there will always be a trail of fans and supporters behind them.

Peters YouTube video has 3 likes and 3 dislikes. His team are a group of people that are literally successful only at running their mouths. Theyr simply is no paper trail of one deal they have ever done. No happy customers or sales reps.

I called ess as if I were a very successful business owner interested in switching to LED. Peters response was "this is a really bad time" send me an email and I'll get back to u.

Haha it's not rocket science to figure this dude out. Don't let them fool ya


One of the case studies in his book and website is the ocean palm condo.Funny thing is that the condo was retrofitted by a company Peter Stein worked for in the past.Now thats balls.


Please let me know just 1 name.


Geoff Marshall – Business Development Manager

Geoff Marshall has developed his leadership both on and off the battlefield of life. Gulf war veteran, devoted husband and father of 2 children. Mr. Marshall has completed 3 nuclear deterrent patrols as a sonar technician aboard USS OHIO SSBN. While new to the Green Tech Energy Field, Through technical training and discipline, Geoff displays the confidence and knowledge of a 10 year veteran in the field of LED lighting.

It sounds to me like he has zero knowledge or backround in led and if I recall I think this is the 2nd round of executives at the companies.I do remember a real tough looking guy


Now only do you have to pay for a book that cost a few dollars to make , but you never get any training.They just tell you the clients to go after and the states to target without any knowledge of the product.If you look at their book the case studies are not even theirs.I heard from a friend that they have 30 million in the pipeline however they do not even disclose 1 customer.They alway tell you how much Macys saved or Applebees or the buildings in new york city.None of these customers are theirs.Peter would yopu kidly post some of your clients.People may look at you in a different light


I have to admit that this company is asking for a 460.00 dollar investment plus 79.00/month as an on going fee to partner with them. Doesn't sound too bad on the surface, However, I can't believe they are not invested in the BBA in Florida!!!

Most BBA memberships don't run as much as what they are asking up front to come on board as a sales partner.

Comments forwarded concerning Energy Savings Solutions


I have to admit that this company is asking for a 460.00 dollar investment plus 79.00/month as an on going fee to partner with them. Doesn't sound too bad on the surface, However, I can't believe they are not invested in the BBA in Florida!!!

Most BBA memberships don't run as much as what they are asking up front to come on board as a sales partner.

Comments forwarded concerning Energy Savings Solutions

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